FAQs, Tips and Tricks – Holiday Park Customers

Question: I’m trying to connect my device onto the WiFi network but it is asking me for a password that is at least 8 characters long, and the password I have is only 6, am I using the wrong password?

Answer:  The password you may be trying to input is your account/payment password that was created when you registered the first time. 

On this occasion you are trying to connect a new device to an access point or router, so it is the encryption key/password that you need to enter.  This would either be a password for the site ie if you are a tourer this would be available from reception, or if you are in a static van/lodge it will be the password the engineer left on your instruction sheet when you were originally installed.

Question: I’ve connected to the WiFi network and entered the password but I’m not getting the Signa Welcome portal page to be able to register or pay.

Answer:  Some devices, such as Apple, struggle to bring the portal page up straight away, so to force the page to come up, go to a browser such as Google Chrome or Safari etc, in the search bar type in wix.com and enter.  This should then bring up the portal page. 

Question:  I’ve made a payment for a WiFi package but it hasn’t connected me to the WiFi and is bringing the portal up again asking me to pay, what do I do?

Answer: When making payments the PayPal platform sometimes takes a while to complete the process and your device can time out, however if you receive your payment username and password or know it (6 characters each such as AB12CD), then you can enter that into the relevant box, tick ‘accept t&cs’ and then click on the ‘Start browsing’ button and that will connect you to the router/access point.

Question:  I’m in my holiday home and I can’t see my network name in the available WiFi network list on my device, why is that?

Answer: This usually means that your equipment is either not switched on or is plugged in incorrectly.  Check all cables and that both your router (cube or airgateway etc) and the little power supply has lights on them.  If the lights are on, check that the cables are plugged in the correct order (see diagram below) and that they are plugged in tightly.  Once you have checked that, turn off the power via the mains for a few seconds whilst the lights turn off, then plug it back in again.  Wait a good 5 minutes whilst both the receiver outside and the router inside reboot back up.  Then try again.  If this doesn’t bring up the network give our technical support desk a call.

Question: I’m on a touring field and have connected my smart phone and tablet but I have a Fire Stick or a smart TV and can’t get it to connect, why is that?

Answer: both these types of devices usually don’t have the facility to bring up a web browser to enable the portal page to appear, so we need to authenticate these manually.  All you need to do is find your devices MAC address which would look something like (A1: B2: C3: etc) and can be found in the settings, packaging or on the back. Give our technical support team a call and they can sort that quickly over the phone for you.  You only need it authenticating once and then it’s good to go.

Question:  I have an Amazon Fire Stick and it keeps buffering and doesn’t work very well, is it a problem with the WiFi?

Answer:  The answer depends on whether the Fires Stick has been ‘cracked’ and is therefore accessing unauthorised servers across the globe to stream content.  The buffering has nothing to do with the WiFi, it is to do with the server the content you are trying to download being broadcasted by non-legitimate sources, who may have substandard equipment, that is not able to perform at the required standards.

Signa cannot provide support for these types of devices that have been altered from the original Amazon issued items.

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