Since Dec 2017  Moorsweb has been operated by Signa Technologies Ltd.

The Moorsweb broadband service has been running since 2006.  The network was created and run by Barry Sunley, Farndale Free Range until December 2017, where he passed the reigns over to Signa Technologies Ltd.  The team at Signa had been involved in the development of the original network and had worked closely with Barry over many years, so it was a natural progression that in Barry’s retirement, Signa should continue the running of the network.

The service is an outdoor wide area wireless network using radio technologies.  The network began with a satellite backhaul connection but now uses a fibre optic connection to the public internet.

Moorsweb currently serves over 500 members in Bransdale, Farndale, Rosedale, Gillamoor, Rudland, Beadlam/Skiplam/Pockley Riggs, East Moors, Appleton le Moors, Sleightholmedale, Salton, Glaisdale, Danby Dale, Fryup Dale, Scaling Dam, Roxby, West Barnby, Upleatham, Goldsborough and some areas of Ryedale.

Moorsweb was originally set-up with the benefit of a Yorkshire Forward grant for rural broadband. A grant from NYCC/NYnet/Ryedale District Council then funded a fibre backhaul facility and a significant upgrade for part of the network.  More recently, further improvements to our network have been funded from subscriptions.  This enables Moorsweb to provide super-fast 30Mbps connections to subscribers.

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