Connected Communications

Do you have poor or unreliable internet connectivity?  

Have you researched into options using your telephone line?

Received quotes for fibre solutions, which are horrendously expensive?  Given up….

Signa Technologies can offer solutions to deliver you the connectivity you need to operate and grow your business, or even just to compete on an even playing field.  We can install connectivity solutions, that range from Ultrafast Fibre to Superfast Wireless distribution networks.

How do we do it?

  • Firstly, we will assess your needs and requirements for connectivity.
  • Secondly, working with various technology partners, we will look at a multitude of wired and wireless technologies, to deliver a solution that fits.
  • We survey, design, install, and commission the network, giving training to staff if required.


  • We’ll deliver a flexible and dynamic upgradable solution.
  • This means as your demands on the network increase, it will give you the flexibility to grow and not get left behind again.

Types of Technology Projects – which do you fall into?

  • Scenario 1 – No connectivity – Signa will deliver backhaul internet connection to your business.
  • Scenario 2 – No connectivity or you have an internet connection, but need to share it out across your estate (PtP – Point to Point).
  • Scenario 3 – No connectivity or you have an internet connection, but you need to create a WiFi hotspot, so your customers can access the internet whilst they visit your site.
  • Scenario 4 – You may already have a network installed that cover these 3 scenarios, but the network is poorly designed or installed and you want an upgrade or redesign.

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