Do you have a network infrastructure and would like to integrate CCTV onto it?  

Do you have both, but they are not integrated, and they just don’t work together?  

Or simply do you want both network infrastructure with integrated CCTV designing for your business?

Whether you have a site with no CCTV, require CCTV, or want to upgrade your existing system, Signa Technologies can do it all.

What are the advantages of a combined system?

  • When installing a new wireless network and integrating CCTV services with it, less equipment and configuration is needed, which provides a more cost effective solution.
  • Prevents interference from parallel network installations.
  • It can be installed or integrated into most IP network.

If your network is not adequate or suitable to have these services, we can survey and redesign it for you.

Read our case study on how CCTV can help the farming community.

Additional services.

Working with our partners, we can offer out-of-hours monitoring of your CCTV, to give you peace of mind whilst your business is unmanned.

What is the advantage of having the monitoring package?

  • If your site is unmanned during the evening hours, any activation of cameras is picked up by the monitoring centre and keyholders are notified immediately if there is cause for concern.
  • In the event of a crime taking place, the local authorities will be notified by the monitoring centre at the same time as notifying keyholders.
  • Daily and weekly reports on activations will be provided by the monitoring centre to the customer and Signa.  Any repeated activations will be highlighted and brought to the customer’s attention so that remedial works can be undertake to reduce the activation (ie a fox gets through a fence, setting the camera off several times a night, Signa can alert the customer so that action can be taken).
  • If your site will be unmanned during long periods of time, then the system can be put on full-time monitoring thus providing additional security, (ie campsites that are closed for the winter period).

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