COVID-19 Policy

Due to the unprecedented effects of the Covid-19 outbreak and the resulting government shutdown of all but essential services, the government and Health & Safety Executive require businesses to follow social distancing policies within the workplace and at sites.  Below is the processes and policy in situ for Signa Technologies Ltd.

These processes are subject to updated restrictions announced by the UK government, and can be changed at any time.

Office Staff

To protect staff, delivery personnel and any visitors to the office we have implemented the following measures:

  • On arrival and departure please use the anti-bacterial hand gel provided at the entrance of the office.
  • Staff should increase the frequency of handwashing and surface cleaning.
  • Social distancing procedures should be observed where possible, ie keeping to the latest distance guidelines (2m, 1m etc).
  • Where possible screens and barriers will be provided to shield staff.
  • Configuring workspaces so that staff are spaced out within the office area or team members working face-to-face are in the office on different days.
  • Any member of staff displaying symptoms of Covid 19 should self-isolate immediately to avoid infecting co-workers.
  • We acknowledge that no one is obliged to work in an unsafe work environment, and it is our duty to provide a safe workspace.

Customer Installations

When booking customers for installation, the scheduling staff must provide customers with a statement highlighting the processes prior to installation, listed below:

  • Our engineer is equipped with the necessary PPE and we would ask that customers observe the social distancing guidelines during his visit to protect all parties. 
  • If there are any vulnerable members of the household, they should inform the engineer accordingly and make sure those members vacate the internal area where the engineer will undertake work.
  • Most of the work is external, but he will need to be in the room where you would like your router to be placed, and we would ask that any family members vacate that room when he needs to work in there. 
  • Once set up he can show one member of the household how it works and connect any devices you need, at a safe 2m distance.

All engineers to be provided with adequate PPE to undertake installations.  These include but not limited to:

  • Hand sanitiser
  • Disposable latex gloves
  • Appropriate face mask
  • Safety glasses
  • Full body suit (disposable paper type)

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