Complaints Procedure

Purpose of the Complaints Procedure

The purpose of this complaint’s procedure is to help customers who wish to make a complaint.  This document will guide the customer through the process we follow in handling complaints.

Underpinning the procedure is the ethos of ‘getting it right first time’. Our emphasis is firmly on quicker, simpler and more streamlined complaints handling with local, early resolution by empowered and well-trained staff. Our procedure is designed to address customer dissatisfaction by providing a quick, fair and considered response to complaints, explaining clearly the reasons for any disagreement we may have with service users, and using the lessons we have learned from complaints to improve our services.

How to Contact Us

Signa Technologies Ltd
Crown Chambers
Princes Street

Telephone: (01423) 900433

Complaints email address:

How We Will Deal with your Complaint

We adopt a 3-stage process for handling complaints made to us.



Our front-line team handle issues that are straightforward and easily resolved, typically those requiring little or no investigation. We aim to resolve such issues within 5 working days and resolution may include any one or more of the following actions: ‘On-the-spot’ apology, explanation, or other action to resolve the complaint quickly.  In exceptional circumstances it may take longer than 5 days. Our front line staff are trained to deal with such complaints and in some circumstances they may pass on your complaint to the appropriate point for frontline resolution.

Your complaint will remain open until we have received confirmation from you that you are satisfied with our response to you.

We will use complaint details, outcomes and resolutions to help continuously to improve our services.

INVESTIGATION We will initiate a formal investigation for issues that have not been resolved at the frontline stage, or that are complex, serious or ‘high risk’. We aim to provide a definitive response within 20 working days following a thorough investigation of the points raised. Our response will be signed off by senior management; our senior management take an active interest in complaints and use information gathered to improve our services.

Your complaint will remain open until we have received confirmation from you that you are satisfied with our response to you.

You have the opportunity to escalate your complaint for issues that we are unable to resolve at the front line or by investigation.  We are members of the industry body representing wireless networks, CISAS.  If you wish to escalate your complaint to this organisation we will give them a summary of case to date and give you copy of the summary together with contact details to allow you to contact them directly to monitor the progress of your case.

CISAS is committed to providing a response within 2 weeks of being notified of the detail of the complaint

How to Make a Complaint

You can initiate a complaint by calling our customer service department, emailing us, online or writing to us.  We do not differentiate complaints by how they are raised so please use the most appropriate contact method for making your complaint:

Call us on this number: (01423) 900433


Online: via our contact form on

Write to: Mrs J Boswell, Operations Director, Signa Technologies Ltd, Crown Chambers, Princes Street, Harrogate, HG1 1NJ.


How We Will Respond

We will respond in line with our 3-step process described above in the timescales we have committed to.  Our preference is to respond to you by email, however if you prefer an alternative method of contact please inform us when making your complaint.  After your confirmation that the complaint is resolved we will email you with a summary of the final outcome.


Alternative Dispute Resolution

In accordance with the 2003 Communications Act, we offer our customers access to an alternative dispute resolution scheme, the Communications and Internet Services Adjudication Scheme. Should we fail to resolve a dispute to your satisfaction, or within a satisfactory timescale, your complaint may be referred for adjudication to the CEDR CISAS Scheme. Details of this scheme can be found at

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