Rural Holiday Park now able to Provide Access to Digital Services Thanks to Partnership with Signa Technologies

Rosedale Abbey Caravan Park, a family run holiday park right in the heart of the North Yorkshire Moors, is situated in a village that has no mobile, and very poor, broadband services delivered by national ISPs, making it difficult to keep connected with the outside world.

Signa Technologies who are the operators of Moorsweb, a community fixed wireless network in the North Yorkshire Moors, have been able to supply not only the park business premise with a gigabit capable connection under the Rural gigabit scheme, but also provide high-speed services to the static and tourer customers so they can enjoy the digital streaming and online services from the comfort of their holiday homes and more importantly can use the WiFi to make and receive calls through WiFi calling applications.

Martyn Boswell, Signa’s managing director said “Signa are delighted to be working with the Park as we have been supplying the Rosedale community since 2006 with high speed, then superfast, and now ultrafast broadband.  Without our network many residents and businesses would struggle to stay connected and particularly during these troubled times, it is paramount for people to be able to work from home.

David Jones, owner of Rosedale Abbey Caravan Park said “since the new network was installed, we immediately received positive feedback from customers, and our staff have also been enjoying the advantages of the 100Mbps Moorsweb connection. 

Signa have also set up a free WiFi calling network which allows customers to make and receive calls using their mobile devices which up until now hasn’t been available. It’s early days but it is a relief to know we have a system that is fit for purpose and the customers have help at the other end of the phone if they need it.”

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Under new ownership, Rosedale Abbey Caravan Park provides high quality service and superb site facilities – all in the most beautiful location. Rosedale is perfect for peace and quiet, beauty, fresh air, great walking, good food, culture and more history.  They have facilities to suit your holiday needs, be it a place to pitch your tent or park up your motorhome or static caravan, or a stay in one of the beautifully appointed holiday cottages.

For more details on Rosedale Abbey Caravan Park visit

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