Signa Moves it’s Operations to Scotton Business Center

Signa Technologies Ltd, a Knaresborough business that specialises in fixed wireless broadband for both residential and business consumers in the North Yorkshire Moors, and holiday home customers across the country, has now relocated their operations to Scotton Business Centre just outside Knaresborough.

Martyn Boswell, Managing Director said “We’ve tried to make the best of the situation with this year’s crisis by getting the new office set up and ready for when the restrictions were lifted.  We had the time to set things up properly without having to rush, so we were ready to hit the ground running once restrictions were lifted.

During the lockdown we continued operations with only essential maintenance work being conducted to ensure our networks operated as normal and were able to cope with the increased demand by users.  The networks didn’t miss a beat and since the restrictions were lifted, we have been inundated with installation requests.”

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Julie Boswell, operations director stated “We’re spoilt by the location of the offices, with beautiful countryside views and great neighbouring businesses who have made us feel welcome.  We’re delighted with the new office space which suits our needs as we’ve already had to expand and rent further storage space at the centre.  It had taken us some time to find the right location for our operations as we wanted to stay local to the Knaresborough area, but we know we’ve made the right choice coming to Scotton.”

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