Holiday Home & Park Broadband Solutions: Need better broadband services?

Does your holiday park struggle to get decent broadband service to run your business operations, let alone provide your customers with access to WiFi services?

Have you had a WiFi service installed in the past but it just doesn’t deliver the service it should?

Then you need the Signa Fixed Wireless Solution!

  • Park-wide High Speed or Superfast Wireless Broadband
  • Ability to connect Offices, Reception and CCTV systems
  • No digging up the park, Unobtrusive Equipment
  • Flexible Subscriber Fees, UK Technical Support
  • Unlimited Usage, No Monthly Data Limits

What is it? Fixed Wireless is exactly what it says, think of it as wireless telephone lines that invisibly transmit superfast fibre-like speeds from access points placed around the park to a caravan, lodge or office. Historically most holiday parks offer a Wi-Fi hotspot style service.  Whilst this works great for public areas like clubhouses, cafes and touring fields, it doesn’t work well inside the static caravans themselves.

Why is this? Static caravans are essentially a big metal box, which bounces radio wave signals away.  The only way a wireless signal can enter the van is through large windows.  The problem with this is that modern caravan manufacturing now installs insulated glass that also bounces signals away from the van.

How does it work? We attach a small discrete antenna to the outside of the caravan, we then run a cable, usually behind the guttering to hide it, to the inside of the van.  We then install a small wireless router, which acts the same as your router at home.  This transmits the wireless signal from inside the van to give you consistent high-speed internet, essentially providing a home-from-home service.

How are we different? Many Holiday Parks struggle to receive fast-reliable business grade broadband into their offices, never mind providing their sites with either Wi-Fi access for touring fields, facilities and public areas or high-speed broadband for seasonal and hire fleet customers.

We can locate and install, at a minimum, a superfast internet feed that will allow us to design and install a combined flexible network to suit the requirements of your offices and park networks.  For example, for touring fields, clubhouses, cafes etc a Wi-Fi hotspot system can be installed alongside a Signa Fixed Wireless solution that provides a home-from-home style service for static and hire fleet caravans.  All these systems come with flexible subscriptions which take into consideration seasons for the site and the needs of your customers.

What’s the cost? Free. No really. We have several different commercial models that range from free installation, maintenance and management through to bought and paid for solutions that you own and retain the revenue. Please ask one of our representatives to explain our standard models.

The result? It enables you and your customers to be more productive accessing online content and resources at Superfast speeds. Get a great experience from apps such as Skype and Facetime. Stream their favourite movies, programmes and music. Play online games on your Xbox and PlayStation and much more…

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