Community Broadband Solutions: Suffering from poor broadband service?

Many hamlets and villages in the North Yorkshire Moors suffer from poor broadband service from National ISPs.  This is due to the poor quality of the wired infrastructure in the ground or distance from the local cabinet.

Moorsweb has built a superfast wireless radio network across the North Yorkshire Moors to provide a robust fixed wireless broadband solution to these communities.

What are the benefits of our service?

  • Superfast Wireless Broadband
  • Unlimited Usage, No Monthly Data Limits
  • Flexible Subscriptions
  • No Phoneline or Mobile Signal Required
  • Perfect for Digital Services such as Netflix, iPlayer, Xbox Live etc.

How does it work?

Our engineers will install a small radio receiver to the outside of your property (much like a sky dish but smaller), this will then be cabled inside to a router, which will provide wireless broadband for multiple devices

How much does it cost?

If we can get enough interest from the community, then we can offer the service for the one-off installation fee of £200 (this covers the cost of the receiver, router and labour).  Subscription packages are from 10Mbps up to 30Mbps with no data limits from £20.40 per month on a monthly rolling contract.

To find out if you are in our coverage area or to register your interest today, please visit for more information.

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