Signa Technologies Showcases what it can do.

This week UKWISPA launched their latest case study which showcases the services provided by their members. Signa Technologies is the subject of the latest case study released today.

Signa provides superfast fixed wireless broadband services to several communities in the North Yorkshire Moors under the network name Moorsweb. The network reaches many remote and rural properties such as farms and small hamlets in difficult to reach areas.

The company also provides service to holiday parks across the region as the modern day holiday maker requires access to digital streaming applications and demands a reliable robust service.

As well as broadband, Signa also provides CCTV services and has installed several networks in the farming community across the Moors. This provides the customer with security for their property but also helps them monitor their cattle particularly at lambing and calving times of the year.

If you require any information or wish to register your interest, please contact us via

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