Signa CCTV Solutions: Are you Counting Sheep?

Many farmers are at one of the most crucial times of the year – when their livestock are about to give birth!

This means many long nights of keeping an eye on the livestock so they are alerted to mothers going into labour, and can be by their side to make sure the delivery goes smoothly.

The baby-sitting shift involves being vigilant all through the night, often times sitting in a cold dark barn, staying alert ready for action.  Signa Technologies can help make this process at little less uncomfortable by supplying and installing CCTV cameras, which can give a 360° view of the livestock as well as clear infrared images for night viewing.  For the farmer it means they can monitor their animals from the comfort of their homes.

Another benefit is that other cameras can be added to the network, to extend the coverage to the outside yards etc for added security.  We find ourselves in a time where farming vehicles and equipment are a target for thieves, so this service can bring added peace of mind.

We have been really impressed with the quality of images, especially in the dark when we can even read a cow’s ear tag! Having the camera means that we can check the cows more frequently without disturbing them, even when not at home (or having to get out of bed in the middle of the night if we don’t need to!).  A great investment and we couldn’t imagine calving or lambing without them now.  Ian & Ailsa Teasdale, Helmsley, North Yorkshire.

The cameras provides options, from a zoomed out view of several cows, to a zoomed in view of a cow giving birth.  With the final result of a healthy calf and happy mum.

All that is required is a broadband connection to connect the cameras and broadcast the footage via an app on a smart phone or tablet.  Signa Technologies can also provide WiFi coverage, as the operators of Moorsweb, for farms and small holdings in the North Yorkshire Moors area.  We can provide both services hand-in-hand.

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