Helping Clients Connect With Their Customers

Are you a business that is losing custom because you can’t provide a fast reliable WiFi service to your customers?

Are you wanting to expand your business offering but are struggling to attract customers because you have poor or inadequate internet connectivity? 

Would you like to be able to have a wireless network that has integrated CCTV and monitoring services so you can run your business more effectively and have the security you need?

Signa Technologies can help you with all these issues.  We are a network communication consultancy with over 15 years of industry expertise in delivering wide area wireless networks to some of the remotest and rural parts of the country.

We specialise in survey, design, and installation of wireless networks as well as integrating WiFi hotspots along with CCTV and monitoring services.

What we can offer:

  • Survey – we initially conduct a desktop survey to work out the best solution to bring the broadband services to your site ie FTTC, FTTP etc. Then our technical team would visit your site to conduct a line of sight survey to verify what can be seen from the site and the best options for housing the external antenna equipment in agreement with the customer.  Surveys are free of charge.
  • Design – once the surveys are completed then the technical team would plan the scope of works, what equipment would be needed, resources required and installation costs, so a full proposal can be put together for the customer.
  • Installation – on agreement of the project proposal we would schedule in the works with the customer and organise resources and equipment for the project. Any works required prior to installation by the customer would be discussed and taken into consideration.
  • Commissioning – once the network is installed, our engineers will test the system and make sure that it is running smoothly and is in good working order, before handover to the customer.
  • Training – if training is required for staff then this will be given once the full installation of the project is complete.

Signa Van on the Road


  • Wireless networks – we can install high speed broadband networks, which can incorporate WiFi hotspots, so that you can offer pay-as-you-go or free WiFi to your customers.
  • CCTV – to make the most of your wireless network we can also integrate CCTV coverage for your sites.
  • CCTV Monitoring Service – working with our 3rd party partner, Signa can offer out-of-hours monitoring of your CCTV, to give you piece of mind whilst your business is unmanned.
  • Maintenance packages – Signa can offer yearly maintenance packages which would include call outs for issues with the wireless network, CCTV cameras, an annual health check of the system (ie clean cameras, check condition of the equipment, review images obtained at the central control etc).

If our service offering helps you with your next step to grow your business or give you that competitive edge you need, then contact us for a free discussion and we can take it from there.

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